Frequently Asked Questions
Eleanor's VF-11

Where can I use VF-11?
Use it on Roses, Azaleas, Fuchsias, Begonias, Orchids,Geraniums, Camellias, Plumeria, Gardenias, Hibiscus, Hydrangeas, Bougainvillea, Succulents, Bonsai, Tulips, Ferns, Palms, Cacti, all bedding plants - impatiens, petunias, pansies, snaps and much more! Indoors and outdoors!
What is the ideal mix for VF-11?
One ounce (or 2 tablespoons) of VF-11 concentrate mixed with one gallon of water is the ideal mix.
How often should I apply it?
Use it each time you water your plants.
Is it okay to use it along with other fertilizers?
VF-11 has all of the nutrients your plants require. If you use in conjuction with other fertilizers, VF-11 will not guarantee results.
What is the best way to apply to outdoors plants?
Foliar Feeding or Root Feeding once a week with a hose-end sprayer works best and is the most economical method.
Can I buy Eleanor's VF-11 in my local home/gardening store?
A lot of popular home and garden stores carry VF-11. View our list of stores to see them.
Can I use VF-11 with a hose end sprayer?
Yes, we recommend it to feed your yard. We will have our own hose end sprayer available in the fall of 2012. For now, use any sprayer that sprays at a ratio of 1:128. The Gilmour sprayer is a nice version.

Key Features

  • Specifically formulated to provide the delicate mineral balance necessary for growth
  • Promotes sustainable growth, while never burning plants
  • All nutrients are in available form and easily absorbed
  • Unique formulation provides key elements for facilitated absorption and minimizes ion antagonism
  • Works great as a hydroponic solution and as foliar feed
  • Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food Ready to Use Foliar Feed 0.0076-0.01300-0.0154 contains micronutrients; iron boron, manganese, and zinc
  • Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food Ready to Use Foliar Feed 0.0076-0.01300-0.0154 contains secondary nutrients; calcium and magnesium
  • Contains less than 1% of the following: nitrogen (.15%), phosphate (.85%) and soluble potash (.55%)

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