What Users Have to Say…

We use VF11 on all of our maintenance projects. We have used all types of fertilizer in the past, but VF11 is a product that works on all types of plants and turf. We never have to worry about VF11 burning plants or turf from over application. After our first application of VF11, we could see immediate results in the health and appearance of the plants and turf. Douglas Landscape Construction, Inc strongly recommends VF11 for all fertilization needs in your yard.
Francisco Segura
Maintenance Division
Doulgas Landscape Construction
We use VF11 on all of our planting installations. We apply the product to the plants after planting and we feel it gives the plants that extra nourishment they need and helps to establish new root growth.

We also us VF11 when we transplant large trees. This spring, we moved and established 15' Cherry Tree and used VF11 immediately after transplanting the tree. The tree showed no evidence of "Shock" and we had no die back. Douglas Landscape Constructions would recommend this product to all Landscape Construction Companies.
Tobin Douglas
Doulgas Landscape Construction
For years I have used your VF11 in my garden as well as on my houseplants. I frequently buy fresh tulips in the store, it is my favorite flower. As I put them in a vase I add some VF11 to the vase . The results are amazing. The tulips stay good twice as long and never start bending over. Needless to say, I love the product even more. I have told many people about it and everyone sees the results. Of course I use it in other cut flowers also and the results are great, but it is fabulous for tulips.
Elisabeth Langedyk
Hi, I love your products! They really are magic! ALL my plants neighbors plants and friends plants thank you!
Linda Scott
Hi! I LOVE your product and used it religiously when I lived in California. My neighbors were amazed every year with my twelve foot tall tomato plants. Many thanks!
Hello we are loving our VF-11! This is customer service, to bad America has lost so much of that. Thank you for fast response.
David Collins
I have used your product for many years on my house plants. I'm very excited to try it outside, especially on my veggies!
Rita Johnson
My partner & I were in charge of the inmate grounds crew at a large SoCal prison. We used E-VF-11 regularly & it worked like magic. We had our facility looking like the Garden Of Eden! Flowers TWICE their normal size. Trees SUPER green. Everything we used it on grew like crazy! In fact we received a special award from the Warden for improving the appearance of our workplace. We felt it boosted moral, too. We went from bare ground, half dead landscape to lush greenery in no time. That was twenty years ago, and I still use it today at home. E-VF-11 is the REAL McCoy!!!!
VF-11 Testimonials I've attached just 4 of many pics of PARTS of my backyard. All using VF 11. VF 11 on cacti/cactus is amazing. I have many more upclose pics of just how beautiful and HUGE some of these cactus are.
I started using VF-11 about 6 months ago and LOVE the product and results I have received for my house plants. I took it off the garage shelf not remembering where or when I purchased it. Now I'm out and NEED more. (yes, I know I sound like some kind of junkie, but I am only a brown-thumb person who now has beautiful plants!)
Peg Ferrel
VF-11 Testimonials VF-11 Testimonials I love the VF-11!! It is super, as you can see. Wendy brings home extra and wilted flowers from work on occasion, and I love to bring back their sparkle. I use it in my hose-end sprayer and fertilize all of my shrubs and flowers. My yard has never looked so good.
Debbie Wagner
We love VF11. I had been known for my brown thumb (I once killed an air fern…seriously), but since I discovered VF11 I have beautiful, healthy plants! I appreciate the great customer service too! You rock!
Rebecca Noble

Key Features

  • Specifically formulated to provide the delicate mineral balance necessary for growth
  • Promotes sustainable growth, while never burning plants
  • All nutrients are in available form and easily absorbed
  • Unique formulation provides key elements for facilitated absorption and minimizes ion antagonism
  • Works great as a hydroponic solution and as foliar feed
  • Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food Ready to Use Foliar Feed 0.0076-0.01300-0.0154 contains micronutrients; iron boron, manganese, and zinc
  • Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food Ready to Use Foliar Feed 0.0076-0.01300-0.0154 contains secondary nutrients; calcium and magnesium
  • Contains less than 1% of the following: nitrogen (.15%), phosphate (.85%) and soluble potash (.55%)

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