About VF11
Working in Concert with Nature

Our Story

Eleanor's VF-11 Plant Food was developed by a renowned German botanist & chemist, who spent years perfecting the formula that we bottle today. He understood the biological and chemical mechanisms, by which, organisms absorb all vital nutrients. With this understanding, he was able to formulate a ground breaking plant food that, to this day, is unrivaled. By providing key elements for facilitated absorption, while simultaneously, minimizing ion antagonism, Eleanor's VF-11 works in concert with nature.

All of our products utilize this formula; sustainable growth. Our mission is to return our soil back to its roots.

In a class of its own

Other plant foods and fertilizers, organic or not, have high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. They saturate and overwhelm the soil with these elements, hoping some will be absorbed by the housed plants. This oversupply of NPK results in two detrimental outcomes:

  1. Large quantities of these elements leech into our groundwater polluting our water system.
  2. Buildup of these elements in the soil becomes toxic and leaves the soil inhospitable for plant life over time, unless major soil amendments are made.

VF-11 is uniquely formulated to assist plants in maximizing absorption of the nutrients required for healthy, long-term growth. By combining precise amounts of ions that facilitate uptake, and limiting interfering ions, Eleanor's VF-11 does NOT need to oversaturate the soil with nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium. This leaves the soil pH balanced and capable of supporting plant life for generations.

Did you know?

50% of pollution in our water system comes from urban runoff?

What you use in your yard matters. We all contribute to pollution everyday. Do what you can to limit your footprint on our water source.

Plants actually have a greater rate of uptake of specific ions (nutrients) from more dilute solutions?

More is not better. Understanding how plants absorb and utilize nutrients allows Eleanor's VF-11 to work in concert with nature, not against it.

Organic plant foods are typically high in NPK?

Just because something is labeled organic does NOT mean it is good for the environment. Organic products may be derived from natural sources, but when nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are applied in high concentrations they leech into our water system and accumulate in the soil.

What is the difference between the nutrients organic products supply versus VF-11's nutrients?

Plants can only uptake certain forms of nutrients. For example nitrogen is absorbed as either NO 3 - or NH 4 +. However, all plants prefer to uptake NO 3 -, and will only absorb NH 4 + when NO 3 - is not present. VF-11 supplies nitrogen in NO 3 - form, thus it can be absorbed immediately. Organic products supply nitrogen from sources, such as bat guano. This means the nitrogen is not yet usable by the plant. The bat guano has to be broken down to eventually become a usable form; typically NO 3 -, which is the exact same form VF-11 supplies immediately.

Key Features

  • Specifically formulated to provide the delicate mineral balance necessary for growth
  • Promotes sustainable growth, while never burning plants
  • All nutrients are in available form and easily absorbed
  • Unique formulation provides key elements for facilitated absorption and minimizes ion antagonism
  • Works great as a hydroponic solution and as foliar feed
  • Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food Ready to Use Foliar Feed 0.0076-0.01300-0.0154 contains micronutrients; iron boron, manganese, and zinc
  • Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food Ready to Use Foliar Feed 0.0076-0.01300-0.0154 contains secondary nutrients; calcium and magnesium
  • Contains less than 1% of the following: nitrogen (.15%), phosphate (.85%) and soluble potash (.55%)

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