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The Magic of VF-11

Eleanor's VF-11 has done wonders for many of its customers. From home gardners to high-end vineyards, it has been proven to be the most effective plant food on the market. Read what users have to say >

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What sizes do VF-11 come in?

Most stores carry the Combo-Pak, Quart, Half Gallon, Gallon, Liquid Lawn Food and our First Aid for Plants a Ready-to-Use Quart Sprayer Bottle

Where can I use VF-11?

Use it on Roses, Azaleas, Fuchsias, Begonias, Orchids,Geraniums, Camellias, Plumeria, Gardenias, Hibiscus, Hydrangeas, Bougainvillea, Succulents, Bonsai, Tulips, Ferns, Palms, Cacti, all bedding plants - impatiens, petunias, pansies, snaps and etc.

Indoors AND Outdoors!

Want your yard to be full of vibrant colors and lush with greenery?