VF11 Plant Food, Gallon - Single Bottle (Free Ship)

VF11 Plant Food, Gallon - Single Bottle (Free Ship)


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Eleanor's VF-11 Plant Food is an all purpose liquid concentrate plant food that can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetables.




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For the modern consumer it is a perfect product:

  • CANNOT burn plants with our formula
  • Can be used on all flora...from fruits to vegetables to houseplants
  • A non-hazardous product that WORKS
  • Unique formula works in concert with the natural absorption mechanisms used by plants.
  • Perfected, low concentration formula means there is no leaching of minerals into the water system
  • All minerals are in a readily available state
  • Complete plant food for all indoor and outdoor plants
  • Great for use with hydroponics and transplants
  • Is the most effective foliar feed on the market
  • Contains less than 1% of the following:  Nitrogen (.15%), Phosphate (.85%), and soluble Potash (.55%)

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The Magic of VF-11

Eleanor's VF-11 has done wonders for many of its customers. From home gardners to high-end vineyards, it has been proven to be the most effective plant food on the market.

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Want your yard to be full of vibrant colors and lush with greenery?